Glance 17- YouTube Master Class + Social Media Toolkit

Marketing Tip of the Day Every online marketer spouts it from the rooftops... "Email Marketing is the highest ROI possible for your marketing efforts!" And despite Social Media actually catching up in some cases (more on that in future glances)  I completely agree! put together a 6 tips for optimizing your email marketing, they are: 1. Set Goals 2. … [Read more...]

Glance 16-Social Media Done RIGHT!

Marketing Tip of the Day When it comes to becoming wildly successful in business, you can set off on your own... and hope for the best.. OR you can follow the advice of those who have already blazed the trail before you. In an awesome post from a millionaire since 24 years old, Daniel Ally shares the 10 best pieces of advice he can give you about money... Here's 10 … [Read more...]

Glance 14-New App may become the “Instagram for Audio”

Marketing Tip of the Day What #Hashtags are popular in your market? Take a moment to search Twitter and Instagram to see what hashtags are trending and widely used within your market. Hashtags allow you INSTANT ACCESS to your potential clients, leads, and customers. I use the website: which let's me search for the most popular hashtags on … [Read more...]

Glance 13- Google Ranking Hack + Epic Facebook Test

Marketing Tip of the Day Me.  You. Everyone... wants to show up on the first page of Google Search, right? Hell, not even Page 1...  We are all greedy savages competing for that #1 Listing :) It's the goal that many SEO companies promise us but rarely deliver on... So instead of standing in the long line... hoping to get in the "Cool Club" of page 1... Let's just … [Read more...]